You can worry about everything, but you can’t do it either

‘You can worry about everything, but you can’t do it either’

This amazing quote from Meditation Moments that was in my screen after one of our morning meditations, really got into my mind. Seriously, what’s the point of worrying? Does it change anything about the situation? Does it make me feel better? No, not at all! But hey, easier said than done 😉

Recently we were lucky enough to fly to Lisbon. Although the sun had been shining for weeks, our departure day started with snow in Amsterdam (yup in April!) which resulted in 1.5 hours delay. I didn’t worry. One point for me! After our 2.5 hours flight time and half an hour flying in circles above the Atlantic, it was almost time to set feet on the Portugese ground. But when I looked outside the aircraft window, the beautiful silver coast appeared on my right. Hmm, what was happening? I felt the worry coming up…

“This is your captain speaking. We have a little issue. Due to some military exercise on Lisbon Airport we are not able to land. And because we don’t have enough fuel to circle around again, we have to fly Porto to be fueled. And hopefully afterwards, we can continue our journey to Lisbon.”

What?? Flying to the North of Portugal? Not knowing if we can even make it today to Lisbon? How long do we need to stay in the aircraft? The little control freak in me with a bit claustrophobia was taking the lead. Seriously, for a short moment I panicked! I did.

Luckily, the quote got through my head again. I really tried not to worry. Because hey, what could I do? Literally nothing! I would only make myself crazy.

So I decided to try to accept the situation and start focusing on the moment. Off course, worrying thoughts crossed my mind, but they also disappeared as soon as they came in. I made it to feel (kind of) relaxed, I made notes for this journal, read in my book and before I knew we finally set foot on Lisbon Airport!

Not worrying, I guess it’s work in progress!