The only time there is, is the present

‘The only time there is, is the present’

A very beautiful saying from an old wise lady, which just doesn’t get out of my head. And off course also very true, because the ‘now’ is what really counts! And yes, there are moments when we realize that very well, but there are many more moments when we pass it again very quickly. Like we almost did on our very first morning during this year’s summer holiday. 

We woke up quite early (we still had to get into the holiday rhythm), the sun was shining and the Mediterranean was as smooth as glass. We decided to go out for some early morning sup. Which is absolutely amazing. When you see the sun shining on the calm ocean, you hear the sound of the crickets around and your feet touch the water for the first time (always feels cold in the morning!), that are magic moments. And when you look around and see that it’s almost just you that is out on the water this very moment, that feeling is priceless! 

So, we paddled around, sun on our faces, we swam in small bays and we were feeling extremely grateful. These simple, but yet very special moments are graved into my memory forever!

After we rinsed the salt from our bodies, drank an espresso and the boys some ice-cold lemonade in the garden, we grabbed our bag to go for some groceries at the small village square ‘upstairs’ (see our journal Crazy Habits to understand this meaning 😉).

As a tradition the boys pick out new bracelets every year, we stock up some new espadrilles and French magazines, we buy fresh fruits and veggies and off course baguettes & croissants. 

On the way we passed the house of the old wise lady. She walked around in her garden and recognized us immediately from previous summer holidays. ‘Bonjour’ was followed by a nice conversation in a mix of French and English words and before we knew she invited us to come and have a look inside her house. That afternoon some friends of her son would come over to stay in the apartment she had created downstairs and she thought that it might be interesting for the four of us to stay here sometime. 

The boys were eager to pick out their new bracelets (the expression on their faces made that more than clear ;-)) and after such an active morning, we were also looking forward to a fresh croissant. “ Well, that would be very nice. But we’ll come inside next time, later on this week.” She looked a bit disappointed with a wee smile on her face and there came the words; “The only time there is, is the present.”

We looked at each other and realized that she was absolutely right! And so, a minute later, we were standing in the beautiful room we probably would ever go and stay. But we’ll see. Just focusing on the ‘now’ with two little boys losing their patience ;-).