Just do it!

Journal1_Just do it-thumb

When I see the ball end up in the net for the second time, I feel a bit irritated. Even if I haven’t played tennis for a few years, back in the day I was quite a good tennis player.
“ Don’t over-think it, just do it! Hit that ball, because you can do it”, I hear my tennis coach say. I follow his advice and the next ball I hit goes straight over the net and bounces exactly where it should: fifteen-love. His simple encouragement brought a wee smile to my face.
As this is ‘the story of my life’. I’m full of ideas, which mostly come to mind without even thinking (so there you go ;-)).
When I have a great idea and begin working on it, there’s no doubt at all. I’m in a lovely flow, everything seems to come without any effort and at that moment I’m convinced that the idea will work. But when the moment comes to turn ideas into action, I start thinking too much, and that eternal doubt bubbles to the surface.

This means we have a shelf full of wonderful ideas – ideas that are jumping up and down to grab our attention and take them on to the next stage.
It’s about time to break this irritating habit, because I know all too well that I can do it. And besides, it really is a shame not to share my ideas and stories with the world. If my tennis coach sees this after four lessons, then there’s work to be done. Don’t think too much, don’t hold back, just do it.
Before I knew it, I had won the first game without too much thinking (this habit of course isn’t completely resolved). And hey, Jerfertti is finally live and we expect our collection Les Classiques from our Spanish workshop at any moment!

Do I dare to just do it?