We believe in quality, craftsmanship and attention.

We create luxury timeless classics that will go with you through life. They are forever fashionable and always part of your unique image. Our brand philosophy is the belief that quality is important and that it makes you feel connected. It’s better to own a few high quality items that makes you feel good and which are able to accompany you through your, than many more poor quality items that quickly become out of fashion.

Therefore, we source only the very best materials used for our products and we set high standards for manufacturing our collections.


Jerfertti is an international modern lifestyle brand creating luxury timeless classics that last and a real life journal. Let’s start to tell you a bit more about ourselves.

We love the simple things in life, but we also love beautiful trips, good conversation, the Côte d’Azur, meditation, boutique hotels, real life stories, family time, winter sports, a bit of sailing, playing tennis, the beautiful pictures that nature can provide. The list is endless…
But we are also very happy with timeless classics; high quality items that you can always rely on and that are never in or out fashion, just always there for you. Sometimes they are waiting in your closet for a while, for you to use when the time and a new occasion is right. Classics are always good, at least that’s what we believe. And they will stand the test of time.  

When we were young, we quickly learned the truism that it is better to buy high quality items which last for a long time, instead of buying cheaper, poor quality items that generally do not last and often are not even used or worn, taking valuable space in the closet until it’s time for that much needed clear-out! It also saved money. We have always kept this very valuable lesson in mind.


Towards the end of the 20th Century, our father, a business man, started a new company. No sooner said than done, he told us he had decided on the name: Jerfertti. First thing we said was; Jer-what?!
I remember how we had a bit of a laugh with this; seriously, an ‘r’ followed by a double ’t’?! But he didn’t care and smiled at this. Because not everyone could pronounce the name well, it worked perfectly. And it stuck. He was proud of it and we were proud of him. Jerfertti became a great success, so he immediately had the name registered. He unexpectedly passed away and after a time we pondered the question of what should become of the Jerfertti trademark. We quickly agreed that we should take it over and build something successful, something he would be proud of, but in our own way – if only to say ‘sorry’ for the time we laughed at him.


” First thing we said was; Jer-what?!
I remember how we had a bit of a laugh with this; seriously, an ‘r’ followed by a double ’t’?! “