Authentic Craftsmanship


With us, quality always goes before quantity and we incorporate that belief into all the decisions we make. Less is more and it’s all about details. We think it’s very important that we know exactly where and how our products are made. And of course, who the person is behind the craft.
We love craftsmanship that is passed down from generation to generation. Artisans who are proud of what they do and experts in their discipline. They are passionate and dedicated and pay great detail to everything they make. This will immediately be reflected in the final product.
We want to keep this craftmanship alive for many generations to come!

“ It’s very important that we know exactly where and how our products are made. We want to keep this craftsmanship alive for many generations to come.“


High up in the Spanish Andalusian hills is a beautiful white-stone village that is known for its 200 year-old expertise in leather craftmanship. We love traveling to this almost hidden oasis, with no direct flights or any train connection. It makes it a somewhat remote but extra special destination. Driving a few hours through the lovely south Spanish scenery, your everyday cares fall away and a holiday atmosphere ensues. The sun, the blue sky, the green hills and the so called ‘pueblos blancos’ of this region, make it truly an amazing location.
In this beautiful village of Ubrique, it’s all about the leather craftmanship. More than half of the town work in the many leather workshops that are located here. And it is in this unique place that we were fortunate to find our partner, a family-owned workshop who specialise in luxury leather goods.

From the first moment we met Paco, the owner and second generation of his family firm, his passion for his work was infectious, and we knew that we had found the right person to work with us. As time went by, we were right. His firm became our partner and now they produce our beautiful timeless classic bags. And we are so proud to be collaborating with him.
Paco himself still works in the workshop every day, keeping a close and expert eye on every small detail. The artisans who work for him have his passion and dedication for what they do and this is to be seen in every single stitch right through to the finished product.

Each of our bags are handmade, one at a time. We know that it takes time and expense to produce a bag of this quality by hand, but we believe it’s worth it. Attention to detail is important and the craftsmen and suppliers who strive to work as artisans and achieve this are hard to find. And this is why we are proudly and consciously supporting this type of craftsmanship.

Designed in The Netherlands, crafted by hand in Europe.