Let’s tell you a little about ourselves

Jerfertti is an international modern lifestyle brand creating luxury timeless classics that last and a real life journal

We create luxury timeless classic that last, handmade of vegetable tanned leather by artisans in a family-owned workshop in Spain. 

Our brand philosophy is the belief that quality is important and that it makes you feel connected. It’s better to own a few high quality items that you really love and that accompanies you through life than many more (often cheap) poor quality items that quickly needs to be disposed. That’s something we learned at a very young age. And the other thing we learned when we were young is that classics are a must in every closet.

With this slow fashion philosophy we want to encourage to choose quality over quantity and change the ‘excessive buying behavior’ in a positive way. That also makes the environment a bit happier :-)!

When we grow older, we get more life experience and the tracks of life will be visible on our skin. Although we can’t always appreciate this, it shows that we have a story to tell. Our own personal story and that’s what makes us unique. 

This is exactly how it works with the vegetable tanned leather we use for all our bags. Due to the vegetable tanning process (which is the most authentic and environmentally friendly way of dying leather) our bags gain character over time, reveal imperfections an reflect the owners lifestyle. So over time, this means that every bag tells a story, your story! And that’s what makes it unique, just like you! 

From the moment we started Jerfertti, we instantly knew that we wanted our products to be made by craftsmen. Artisans who are proud of what they do and experts in their discipline. 

And we had another condition; we wanted the workshop to be located in Europe. Why? So that it was easy for us to travel to. And if it could be made in Europe, than why should we produce it on the other side of the globe? Just to save a few bucks? Nope, that’s not how we do business! We know that it takes time and expense to produce a high quality classic bag, but we believe it’s all worth it. Therefore, we proudly and consciously support this type of craftsmanship. And we guess the environment will be happy with this choice aswell.

We’d like to tell stories from life, without making them more beautiful than they actually are. Because we believe it does not have to be ‘perfect’. It is much more empowering to be the unique person that you are and to show this to the world with confidence and pride. If you’re true to yourself, most people appreciate it, because there is recognition in what you say.

We’re always looking for the hidden gems. (Small) specialty shops, beautiful boutique hotels, lovely restaurants. We can go on… But also in this case, we’re loyal to our classics, places where we can always rely on. In Rue de 10510 we collect all the things we love; real life stories, beautiful pictures, hidden gems, the list is endless. We hope you get inspired or learn something from it. So let’s take you into the life of Jerfertti!