Let’s tell you a little about ourselves

Jerfertti is an international modern lifestyle brand creating luxury timeless classics that last and a real life journal

We love the simple things in life, but we also love beautiful trips, good conversation, the Côte d’Azur, meditation, boutique hotels, real stories, family time, winter sports, a bit of sailing, playing tennis, the beautiful pictures that nature can provide. The list is endless…

We create luxury timeless classics that will go with you through life. They are forever fashionable and always part of your unique image. Our brand philosophy is the belief that quality is important and that it makes you feel connected. It’s better to own a few high quality items that makes you feel good and which are able to accompany you through your, than many more poor quality items that quickly become out of fashion.

We selected a 100% vegetable tanned leather from a family-owned tannery, based in the heart of the leather region in Tuscany, Italy. These days the company is run by two sisters whose father (the founder) still walks around in his blue dust coat and keeps a close eye. They mix artisan recipes with state-of-the-art technology and are a proud member of the Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium; a small group of tanneries who share the same standards of production, strictly monitored to ensure only a low impact is made to the environment.

With us, quality always goes before quantity and we incorporate that belief into all the decisions we make. Less is more and it’s all about details. We think it’s very important that we know exactly where and how our products are made. And of course, who the person is behind the craft.
High up in the Spanish Andalusian hills is a beautiful white-stone village that is known for its 200 year-old expertise in leather craftmanship. We love traveling to this almost hidden oasis, with no direct flights or any train connection. It makes it a somewhat remote but extra special destination.  In this beautiful village of Ubrique, it’s all about the leather craftsmanship. And it is in this unique place that we were fortunate to find our partner, a family-owned workshop who specialise in luxury leather goods.

We’d like to tell stories from life, without making them more beautiful than they actually are. Because we believe it does not have to be ‘perfect’. It is much more empowering to be the unique person that you are and to show this to the world with confidence and pride. If you’re true to yourself, most people appreciate it, because there is recognition in what you say.

We’re always looking for the hidden gems. (Small) specialty shops, beautiful boutique hotels, lovely restaurants. We can go on… But also in this case, we’re loyal to our classics, places where we can always rely on. In Rue de 10510 we collect all the things we love; real life stories, beautiful pictures, hidden gems, the list is endless. We hope you get inspired or learn something from it. So let’s take you into the life of Jerfertti!